Annual Awards 2011

Combining the Christmas Silly Hats run with the Annual Awards night has proved to be one of our better ideas. Over the years the run has grown shorter but the hats have got sillier and are always guaranteed to receive an enthusiastic (and sometimes even friendly) reception in ever so wonderful Hayes Town.

Summer Time Trial Championships

It requires a subtle blend of continued improvement and tactics throughout the Summer to win the Time Trial. The winner is Steve Barrington & Bill Hart!

Club Championship 

The Club Championship signifies the most improved runner of the year in nominated 10K, 10M & ½ Marathon road races. The  winner is Steve Barrington!

Club Runner of the Year

Determined by popular vote, this is the runners’ runner of the year. The 2011 winner is Steve Barrington!

Age Graded Championship

The Age Graded Championship enables individual performances to be compared regardless of age and in theory at least, gives the old boys a chance of winning something. The 2010 winner is Jack Nisbet!

London Marathon Draw

One guaranteed place in the London Marathon through affiliate membership of the SEAA. This year’s winner is Keith Morris!

Best Silly Hat

This years poor unfortunate soul happens to be Dan Evans!

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