Winter Time Trials November 2015

November Time Trial 2015

A great evening, very competative time trial with some very good results, followed by an evening of fireworks, Samosa’s and refreshments. A big thank you to Jack for his help with the timekeeping and organising the forework display, to Denise and Annette for the refreshments etc.

Nathan Sutton22:111
Karen Patterson29:002
Tunde Adekoya24:263
Clair Hilton26:374
Andy Allen18:305
Johnathon Horan17:466
Angelina Viagem22:247
Marcos David22:338
Alan Tilly20109
Andy Smith29:3210
Michael Harper32:5111
Keith Morris28:0212
Mark Collins31:0313
Annette Sissons31:0313
John Shaw25:4114Late Start


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