Winter Time Trial – 8th January 2014

Fine turn out after the Christmas Festive Season, Denise Nisbet continues to impress with another PB, Jack Nisbet made an extreme effort to finish in second place, just pipping Stuart Williams on the finish line, Annette was also in contention for a podium finish. Micheal Hartper was not far behind to almost creat a blanket finish, almost a time keepers nightmare. Well done everyone.


08 January 2014
name Time Position
Nisbet Denise 31:12 1
Nisbet Jack 19:37 2
Stuart Williams 21:46 3
Sissons Annette 27:29 4
Michael Harper 32:15 5
Fran Smith 25:05 6
Nisbet Gary 17:45 7
Shaw John 23:41 8
Morris Keith 26:59 9
Furness Peter 21:56 10
Hart Bill 33:20 11
Katherine Rogan 33:13 12
David Myers 31:11 13
Howell Jacqui DNF
Nisbet Ian 31:41 QT

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