Summer Time Trial July 2014

Another excellent turnout bringing together seasoned runners with new runners,  making a more interesting challenge, with some interesting results. Annette Sissons returning from injury stormed home in first place, followed closely by Tunde setting an impressive time for his first event, Laura Williams looked good finnishing in third place. These were followed closely in quick succession by the seasoned runners. Thankfully Jack Nisbet, unable to run due to injury was able to assist with the timekeeping. Well done everybody.

Results below:

Sissons Annette41:331
Laura Williams39:303
Morris Keith35:465
Stuart Williams32:396
Andy Allen29:187
Nisbet Gary25:269
David Myers38:0910
Hart Bill47:4011
Nisbet Ian43:5612
Howell Jacqui1:00:0814
Shaw John42:3815

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