Silverstone Half Marathon

So after a long build up after the winter season Jack and Gary headed off to Silverstone race track to see how their legs would fair over the longer distance!

As we got closer to the race track, we noticed the sky’s were darkening and the wind was getting more blustery, this was a sure sign of things to come as the race ended up being held with gusts of up the 30 mph. The first mile started out fast, with tough conditions I couldn’t tell how fast I was running, with everyone running in slip stream behind each other, no one really wanted to push on. It still ended up with me going through the fast mile in a rather brisk 5:51, and I knew I had to slow down, but while I had the wind at my back I felt I should push on, going through 5k in 18:40 and 10k in 38:20 so I was feeling quite confident of a good time, going through half way quicker than I did a year earlier and feeling a lot better for it!

But then came the second half, there were far more straights in to the wind, which

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made for my legs to get a lot tireder, this led to the last couple of miles, which I’m still convinced were up-hill to be the slowest of the race, and the final mile 5 seconds slower than my previous half marathon best set at Bournemouth the year before. However the other 12 miles were much much better, and I managed to kick hard for the last half a mile to the finish, crossing the line in 1:22:31, a pb of 4 minutes, and a very happy face for me.

There was also a great showing from Jack Nisbet, faring in his first half marathon since Bournemouth the year previously, he’d had an interrupted training coming up to it and seeing the conditions had said that he would be happy to get round in a decent time, well he smashed all his hopes and managed

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to get back in exactly 1:35:00, which was a great turn of events for the Nisbet household!

Gary’s Strava Link

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