Winter Time Trials January 2013

Sorry for the late report things have been quite hectic at home. Well what a turnout. 14 members were on the start line, thankfully the timekeeper had the help of Jamie Sissions who did a grand job of recording the runners crossing the finish line, and they certainly finished in in style. Michael Harper surprised everyone being the finisher  to cross the line, followed closely by Bill Hart, Brian Rogers, Annette Sissons was in close pursuit.

Name Time Position
Michael Harper 35:01 1
Hart Bill 30:38 2
Brian Rogers 22:09 3
Sissons Annette 28:00 4
Kerri Driver 28:51 5
Shaw John 23:30 6
Kal Matharu 29:43 7 QT
Katherine Rogan 29:45 8
Nisbet Gary 17:32 9
Furness Peter 20:59 10
David Mayers 25:43 11
Nisbet Jack 19:53 12
Paul Simpson 23:05 13
Morris Keith DNF


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