Summer Time Trials August 7th 2013

A good turn out with some surprising results, some runners needing to establish qualifying times. Jacqui Howell & Denise Nisbet had a right battle on the home straight to be first and second finishers. Michael Harper claimed maximum points in accord with his handicap start, followed closely by Peter Furness & Jack Nisbet. Gary Nisbet finished with a time of 24.53min/sec, which must be close to a course record??


Name Time Position
Michael Harper 46:36 1
Furness Peter 29:38 2
Nisbet Jack 27:44 3
Nisbet Gary 24:53 4
Myers David 36:49 5
Morris Keith 38:25 6
Hart Bill 45:55 7
Howell Jaqui 45:45 QT
Nisbet Denise 46:13 QT
Kerri Driver 01:01:00 QT
Kal Matharu 01:01:00 QT

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