Cross Country Fixtures 2006/07

Metropolitan Leaque

14th October                St Albans Report Results

28th October                Ruislip

25th November           Claybury

13th January                Wormwood Scrubs  Results

10th February              Perivale Results


The races start at the following times


13:50                           Under 15 and Under 17 Men ( Approx 6K )

13:55                           Under 17 under 20 and Senior Women ( Approx 6K )

14:15                           Under 20 Men and Senior Men ( Approx 8K )


You will need to pick up your Race number on the day from the CLUB

X Country representative ( Jack Nisbet ), but you MUST let him know

That you will be turning up as the numbers are handed out at the start of

all the races approx 13:30.


The following is posted in the Centre changing room, please indicate your availablity:


St Albans



Wormwood Scrubs


Jack Nisbet


Gary Nisbet





































































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