Summer Time Trial May 2015

Amazing turnout for the first of the 2015 Summer Time Trials despite a day of bad weather. Thankfully I was blessed with  the help of Jacqui Howell and Bill Hart at the finish line. The start was a bit of Miss Mash , as new runners, who lacked knowledge of the course, had to be paired with runners who had run the course previously, however, it enabled new standards and qualifying times to be set.

Fran Smith38:391
Racchael Farrance43:252
Johnathon Horan27:503
Andy Allen28:094
Jack Nisbet29:004
Nathan Sutton30:286
Clair Hilton40:027
Peter Furness31:258
Michael Harper45:009
Gary Nisbet28:2110
Denise Nisbet46:0711
Annette Sissons44:0612
Mark Collins44:2513
Calton Senior38:3014
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Summer League 2015

We have competed in the summer league series for 3 years now and last year we had some reasonably good turn outs and very nearly didn’t come last. These a good fun set of  five runs (5mile or 10Km) across London which are cheap to enter and blessed with cake and other comestibles. We have entered as a club again this year, and each club member turning up to run only pays £1 on the day. Dates for 2015 are I believe as below:

Dulwich Park 9.30am 31st May
Headstone Park 9.30am 14th June
Perivale 10am 5th July
Regents Park 9am 19th July
Battersea Park 9am 16th August.

The link below gets to the event page for the summer league which shows maps etc for the runs. Some stuff on the web site is out of date, in particular the date for the Battersea Park run which is 16th Aug, not 9th.

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Winter Time Trials March 2015

Another good turnout for the final Winter Trial with some good performances . New runner Nathan set off with Keith Morris, to set a good qualifying time finnishing in first place. John Shaw made an excellent come back to finish in second place followed closely by Denise Nisbet,


John Shaw24:152
Denise Nisbet30:413
Keith Morris25:054
David Myers28:235
Mark Collins29:486
Andy Smith27:527
Jack Nisbet20:148
Peter Furness21:599
Jacqui Howell36:0710
Annette Sissions27:5311
Anna Kilbrige37:5012
Sarah Nicholas30:0313


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Winter Time Trial February 2015

New members claimed first four positions all running PBs:


Mark Collins30:291
Ian Nisbet31:162
Agnes Mealin29:563
Johnathon Horan29:594
Keith Morris25:305
Micheal Harper31:186
Alan Tiller26:187QT
Bill Hart33:108
Andy Allen19:599
Sarah Nicholas28:3210
Jacqui Howell37:2511
Anna Kilbrige38:0112
Annette Sissons31:4913
Fran Smith31:4913
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Winter Time Trial January 7th 2015

A great thanks to Jack Nisbet for taking the role of timekeeper. One of our largest turnout showed some suprising statisics. Bill Hart gave his best for quite some time to finish first, followed closely by David Myers who found his former fitness. Keith Morris shaved some off his previous times to finish third. Virtually everyone finished within their expected time.

Bill Hart32:081
David Myers29:072
Keith Morris25:523
Peter Furness21:425
Annette Sissons26:376
Sarah Nicholas26:447
Gary Nisbet17:508
Ian Nisbet32:319
Denise Nisbet31:5510
Alan Tilly19:0611
Mark Collins32:4512
Michael Harper30:0713
Jacqui Howell33:5314
Andy Allen20:5815
John Shaw25:5216
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Beginners Sessions 2015

Our first session went well despite the rain, well done to the seven people that came along. Anyone who missed the first session is welcome to come along and join us at any time during the course.

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Winter Time Trial – December 2014

Sarah Nichlas stormed home first with an impressive time of 27:32 followed by, first timer,  Mark Collins in 32:42 and Denise Nisbet in 31:58. Miguel Fernandez completed the course in 18:18.


Sarah Nicholas27:321
Mark Collins32:422QT
Denise Nisbet31:583
Miguel Fernandez18:184QT
Allan Tilly19:495
Ian Nisbet33:066QT
Michael Harper31:037
Keith Morris26:598
Katherine Rogan31:279
Will Garton21:1410
Peter Furness22:3611
Gary Nisbet21:1012
David Myers30:3813
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result918 (2)


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More Parkrun News 15/11/14

Also well done to the members who did Northala Park Run, John, Tunde, Annette, Mark, Agnes & Anna. It was a great day for PB’s

John Shaw 23:02 PB
Tunde Adekoya 26:25 PB
Annette Sissons 27:37 PB

It was also great to see Sarah & Angela, from our Beginners Sessions there.

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Parkrun 15/11

So another Saturday and another parkrun comes along, this time it was time for Jack to face off against Alan, in a fiercely contested 5K with Alan just managing to pull away with a time of 20:24 and Jack chasing hard to finish in a time of 20:43. This is his first parkrun for a while with minor injuries putting him out of last weeks Time Trial, I’m sure they’ll push hard over the winter months and continue to get closer to that sub-20 finish the both want at Black Park! In other news Linda also managed to take nearly 3 minutes off her time 2 weeks ago, getting ever closer to that PB that has eluded her for so long.

Plus we’d like to say that Fran and Andy’s puppy is super super cute, and thank them for bringing him along to support!

Today’s Results

Alan Tilly
Jack Nisbet
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