Christmas Funny Hat Night

Another good turnout for our annual celebration of Christmas with a run around  Hayes, which received a great reception from passing motorist and the local public through the town centre. This year we did an impromptu visit to Asda Store, to the delight of the children and amusement of parents to see twenty fancy dressed people singing Carols running through aisles.

Funny Hat Runners

Funny Hat Runners

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Winter Time Trial December 2015

An excellant turn out for the final Time Trial for 2015, quite a few PB’s and an almost mass finish, thankfully, Jack Nisbet was to hand to assist with the timekeeping. Well done everyone.

Denise Nisbet 29:351
Jo Maoriaty30:262Adjusted
Keith Morris26:143
Annette Sissons27:504
Claire Hilton25:275
Nothan Sutton21:266
Marcos David21:557
Andy Smith28:378Late Start
Johnathon Horan17:119
Michael Harper32:3010
Andy Allen18:3411
Karen Patterson29:0512
Alan Tilly20:2313
Angelina Viagen22:4014
Tunde Adekoya25:0515
Mark Collins31:5616
David Myers29:2917Late Start
Bill Hart34:5118
Anna Kilbrige36:5019
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Winter Time Trials November 2015

November Time Trial 2015

A great evening, very competative time trial with some very good results, followed by an evening of fireworks, Samosa’s and refreshments. A big thank you to Jack for his help with the timekeeping and organising the forework display, to Denise and Annette for the refreshments etc.

Nathan Sutton22:111
Karen Patterson29:002
Tunde Adekoya24:263
Clair Hilton26:374
Andy Allen18:305
Johnathon Horan17:466
Angelina Viagem22:247
Marcos David22:338
Alan Tilly20109
Andy Smith29:3210
Michael Harper32:5111
Keith Morris28:0212
Mark Collins31:0313
Annette Sissons31:0313
John Shaw25:4114Late Start


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Winter Time Trial October 2015

Winter Time Trial October 2015 Results

My apologies for the late publication, unfortunately experienced a problem updating the website.

A good turnout with 4 new members setting good qualifying times.


Marcos David23:501QT
Angelina Viagem23:501QT
Johnathon Horan17:263
Andy Allen19:064
Peter Furness21:495
Keith Morris26:306
Fran Smith26:427
Karen Patterson31:288QT
Denise Nisbet31:349
Bill Hart33:2710
Jo Maoriaty31:4811QT
Andy Smith29:1512
David Myers28:5713
John Shaw25:0014Late Start


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Copenhagen Half Marathon

So we decided to visit Copenhagen for a weekend of parkrun and a half marathon. On Saturday the 12th of September they ran at Amager Faelled parkrun in Copenhagen where they were warmly welcomed by Anne Petersen and her volunteer team. After the run many local runners were very keen to speak to the runners with a number of possible return visits promised. The following day, five of the travellers participated in the Copenhagen Half Marathon, together with about 22,000 others. A great weekend which also saw the celebration of Annette Sissons birthday, her 50th parkrun and Dan Evans’ 100th parkrun.


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Summer Time Trial 26th August 2015

Summer Time Trial 26th August 2015

After a day of torrential rain, and facing fading light, 12 runners competed in the final summer time trial for 2015. Denise Nisbet finished in fine style with a PB, with David Myers following in second place. Jack Nisbet claimed third place in his usual style.

Denise Nisbet44:011
David Myers40:492
Jack Nisbet28:513
Paul Evans44:314
Andy Allen28:015
Michael Harper45:356
Keith Morris37:507
Andy Smith41:518
Fran Smith41:559
Allan Tilly29:4810
Annette Sissions48:1911
Mark Collins48:2312


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Target Zero 2015

So what turned out to me a rather wet Target Zero ended up with 9 brave soles competing to not be the fastest, not be the slowest, but to be the closest to their estimated time, and the results are below!

Predicted TimeFinish TimeDifference
Fran Smith0:40:350:38:280:02:07
Jack Nisbet0:33:000:31:350:01:25
Brian Skinner0:42:000:43:07-0:01:07
Paul Evans0:47:300:46:340:00:56
Denise Nisbet0:46:030:46:55-0:00:52
Michael Harper0:45:000:45:33-0:00:33
Andy Allen0:29:200:29:37-0:00:17
John Shaw0:36:000:36:11-0:00:11
Alan Tilly0:30:150:30:20-0:00:05

Also check out a little timelapse of our BBQ below:

and there’s a few snaps below, check out the full album on our fan page here!

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Summer Time Trial August 5th 2015

Summer Time Trial 5th August 2015

So many crosing the finish line at the same, make it difficult to determine finishing positions, Chip or photo finishing would be helpful.

Kieth Morris36:181
Nathan Sutton36:222
Anday Allen27:353Joint 3rd
Johnathon Horan25:593Joint 3rd
Jo Moriarty44:525QT
Clair Hilton38:526
Rachael Farrance38:547
Jack Nisbet30:128
Denise Nisbet46:379Joint 9th
Michael Harper46:379Joint 9th
Karen Patterson46:379Joint 9th QT
David Myers40:5112
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Summer Time Trial July 2015

Attendance no doubt affected by the weather, record high temperatures, those who ran certainly showed the effects. Never the less Andy Allen finish first followed by Johnathon Horan. David Myers and Tunde Adekoya did very well finishing third and fourth respectively. Two runners went off course, and  two failed to complete.

NameTime Position
Andy Allen29:461
Johnathon Horan27:452
David Myers43:033
Tunde Adekoya40:054
Mark CollinsNFNon Finish
Lena YadaveWOCWent Off Course
Annnette SissonsNFNon Finish
Alan TillyWOCWent Off Course
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Summer Time Trial June 2015

Another good turn out, new member Sally Smith finished in spectacular style with Rachael Farrance hot on her heels, overall a very closely contested event. Well done everyone.


Sally Smith38:131QT
Rachael Farrance37:382
Tunde Adekoya37:143
Annette Sissons38:034
Fran Smith36:395
Agnes Mealin42:246
Peter Furness29:567
Johnathon Horan26:228
David Myers41:109
Keith Morris37:1010
Alan Tilly27:5511
Jack Nisbet28:4712
Andy Allen27:5813
Michael Harper43:5514
Denise Nisbet45:0715
John Shaw43:0516
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