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Summer Time Trial 27th August 2014

Final Time Trial for 2014, some indecision, drama and good competion. Sylvia lacked belief in her ability, finished in first position, but started well out of position only to knock off 8mins her previous best time. Fran Smith, somehow started ahead of her standard to finish second, never the less still acheived a PB. Laura Williams also excelled to achieve a PB. However, the greatest battle was between the elite runners finishing 5 to 7 positions , Gary Nisbet not having his best run.

Laura Williams29:593
Bill Hart44:534
Jack Nisbet29:005
Peter Furness30:246
Will Garton28:547
Andy Allen27:167
Denise Nisbet46:318
Gary Nibet27:32
Keith Morris37:5510
David Myers40:2211Went off course
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Summer Time Trial August 6th 2014

Another good turn out and some remarkably times. Annette Sissons lead the field home with what must be a PB in 39.16, followed by John Shaw which must be his best for some time in 34:01. Tunde finished in third with a time of 35:26. I’m sure the rest of the field can be pleased with their performance.

Annette Sissons39:161
John Shaw34:012
Alan Tilly28:055
Laura Williams37:426
Nisbet Jack28:127
Stuart Williams32:008
Michael Harper44:249
Andy Allen27:5510
Bill Hart46:4511
Ian Nisbet46:4511
Keith Morris36:0113
Denise Nisbet51:4814
Linda Nisbet51:4814
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Summer Time Trial July 2014

Another excellent turnout bringing together seasoned runners with new runners,  making a more interesting challenge, with some interesting results. Annette Sissons returning from injury stormed home in first place, followed closely by Tunde setting an impressive time for his first event, Laura Williams looked good finnishing in third place. These were followed closely in quick succession by the seasoned runners. Thankfully Jack Nisbet, unable to run due to injury was able to assist with the timekeeping. Well done everybody.

Results below:

Sissons Annette41:331
Laura Williams39:303
Morris Keith35:465
Stuart Williams32:396
Andy Allen29:187
Nisbet Gary25:269
David Myers38...
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Summer Time Trials June 2014

Largest turnout for quite some time, with a number of first timers. Claire Maceiras crossed the line  first, followed closley by Agnes, Fran Smith and Andy followed in third and fourth respectively. David Myers finished in fifth but claims first in the club Championship

Summer Time Trials June 2014

Name                            Time                  Order of Finish                    Club Chanp

Clair Maceiras           40:25                            1             QT

Agnes                             44:22                              2           QT

Fran Smith                    41:05                              3

Andy                              28:38               ...

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Summer Time Trial May 2014

A good turnout defied the elements for the first Summer Time trial of the year. Ace demonstrated a good turn of speed to come home first in his debut event, followed closely by Peter Furness who confessed to being suprised by his own performance, Keith and Fran contested  closely for third and fourth position. Well done all.

Summer Time Trial May 2014

Name                             Time           Poisition

Ace                                 30:44               1 QT

Peter Furness             29:47              2

Keith Morris               37:08              3

Fran Smith                  37:25              4

Michael Harper         45:10              5

Katherine Rogan       45:12             6...

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Summer Time Trial August 28th 2013

Annette Sissions finishes the final time trial in style in a time of 44:07min/sec, followed by Jacqui Howell in 44:58min/sec. A long standing course record has finally by Gary Nisbet with a time of 24:40min/sec, well done Gary.

August (2)
Name Time Position
Sissons Annette 44:07 1
Howell Jaqui 44:58 2
Nisbet Gary 24:40 3
Sue Ford 50:48 4
Myers David 37:15 5
Nisbet Jack 28:33 6
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Summer Time Trials August 7th 2013

A good turn out with some surprising results, some runners needing to establish qualifying times. Jacqui Howell & Denise Nisbet had a right battle on the home straight to be first and second finishers. Michael Harper claimed maximum points in accord with his handicap start, followed closely by Peter Furness & Jack Nisbet. Gary Nisbet finished with a time of 24.53min/sec, which must be close to a course record??


Name Time Position
Michael Harper 46:36 1
Furness Peter 29:38 2
Nisbet Jack 27:44 3
Nisbet Gary 24:53 4
Myers David 36:49 5
Morris Keith 38:25 6
Hart Bill 45:55 7
Howell Jaqui 45:45 QT
Nisbet Denise 46:13 QT
Kerri Driver 01:01:00 QT
Kal Matharu 01:01:00 QT
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July Summer Time Trial 2013

Unfortunately, some members still having difficulty finding their way round the course, no problem for Paul Simpson who finished in first place. Sue Forde followed in second place with a much improved time.


Name Time Position
Paul Simpson 31:20 1
Sue Ford 51:49 2
Hart Bill 44:05 3
Shaw John 33:21 4
Brian Rogers 30:35 5
Michael Harper DNF
Kerri Driver DNF
Kal Matharu DNF
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Summer Time Trial May 8th 2013

An encouraging turn out for the first of the 2013 Summer Time Trial, with quite a number of members running their first, and eager to set a good standard over the 4.1 mile testing course.

Kal Matharu 44:23 1 QT
Kerri Driver 44:45 2 QT
Hart Bill 44:32 3
Howell Jaqui 46:06 4
Paul Simpson 36:34 5 QT
Morris Keith 37:13 6
Brian Rogers 29:51 7  QT
Furness Peter 32:23 8
Nisbet Jack 30:33 9
Sue Ford 50:40 10 QT
Michael Harper 50:40 10 QT
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Summer Time Trials 2013

The course is approximately 4.1 miles in length and run over traffic free gravel paths in Stockley Park. The event is organised as a handicap race with starting times based on the previous month’s finishing time. Points are awarded for finishing positions, 40 for 1st, 39 for 2nd and so on. The total of these points determine each runners position in the series table, with the winner finally being determined at the end of the series on their best 4 performances;-

8th May 2013

5th June 2013

3rd July 2013

7th August 2013

28th August 2013 

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