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Summer Time Trial August 24th 2016

Despite thunder, lighting, torrential rain, a good turnout braved the elements. A big thank you to Mike Harper and Karen Patterson for doing the timekeeping. Tunde Adekoya  proved he his back on form finishing in first place. Gary Nisbet and Johnathon Horan finished second and third.

Tunde Adekoya38:56140
Gary Nisbet27:42239
Johnathan Horan25:59338
Keith Morris39:30437
Alan Tilly29:27536
Jo Moriarty43:11635
Jack Nisbet31:06734
Paul Evans46:05833
Fran Smith38:45932
Andy Allen28:331031
Denise Nisbet47:491130
Andy Smith43:281229
Annette Sissons43:251328
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Summer Time Trial August 2016

Summer Time Trial August 2016

Another good turn out for the penultimate Summer Time Trial, Annette Sissons showed good form finishing in first place, followed by Michael Harper in second, Johnathon Horan with a 20min handicap start finished in third. Big thankyou to Jack Nisbet for doing the timekeeping.

Annette Sissons40:40140
Michael Harper45:29239
Johnathon Horan25:32338
Andy Smith40:19437
Denise Nisbet44:51536
Andy Allen27:13635
Fran Smith37:33734
Alan Tilly29:29833
Paul Evans45:15932
Keith Morris40:141031
Gary Nisbet31:111130
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Summer Time Trials 2016 July

Summer Time Trial July 2016


Despite  very difficult conditions due to heavy plant machinery having churned up the course. a good turnout responded to the challenge. Gary Nisbet returning from a long period of absence due to injury, stormed home to victory , followed by Michael Harper and Karen Patterson second and third respectively.

Gary Nisbet29:241
Michael Harper44:222
Karen Patterson45:023
Andy Allen27:204
John Shaw37:425
Johnathon Horan26:286
Alan Tilly29:376
Fran Smith38:488
Denise Nisbet46:189
Jack Nisbet30:3110
Tunde Adekoya42.3911
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Summer Time Trial June 2016

A tremendous effort by  Michael Harper and Clare Hilton gave them first and second position respectively.

Michal Harper43:411
Clare Hilton35:572
Alan Tillly29:153
Keith Morris37:304
Alan Allen27:125
Andy Smith41:247
Jack Nisbet29:368
Fran Smith38:2610
Karen Patterson46:0911
Johnathon Horan27:2912
Denise Nisbet47:4013
David Myers43:4014
Annette Sissons47:4315Leisurely Run
Mark Collins47:4315Leisurely Run


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Summer Time Trial May 2016

A good turnout for the first Summer Time Trial for 2016 provided some surprising times, John Hughes finished first to establish a fine qualifying time, Jo Moriarty was in close pursuit to claim maximum points. Michael Harper finished strongly in third position. The rest of the field were closely matched.

John Hughes40:001Qualifying Time
Jo Moriaty40:16240
Michael Harper45:59339
Matt37:234Qualifying Time
Alan Tilly29:38538
Jack Nisbet30:47637
Andy Allen28:20736
Clair Hilton37:47835
Karen Patterson46:30934
Keith Morris40:151033
Denise Nisbet51:151132
Fran Smith45:121230
Andy Smith40:031129
Nathan Sutton32:12Went Off Course
Johnathon HoranWent Off Course
DivyaWent Of...
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Summer Time Trial 26th August 2015

Summer Time Trial 26th August 2015

After a day of torrential rain, and facing fading light, 12 runners competed in the final summer time trial for 2015. Denise Nisbet finished in fine style with a PB, with David Myers following in second place. Jack Nisbet claimed third place in his usual style.

Denise Nisbet44:011
David Myers40:492
Jack Nisbet28:513
Paul Evans44:314
Andy Allen28:015
Michael Harper45:356
Keith Morris37:507
Andy Smith41:518
Fran Smith41:559
Allan Tilly29:4810
Annette Sissions48:1911
Mark Collins48:2312


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Summer Time Trial August 5th 2015

Summer Time Trial 5th August 2015

So many crosing the finish line at the same, make it difficult to determine finishing positions, Chip or photo finishing would be helpful.

Kieth Morris36:181
Nathan Sutton36:222
Anday Allen27:353Joint 3rd
Johnathon Horan25:593Joint 3rd
Jo Moriarty44:525QT
Clair Hilton38:526
Rachael Farrance38:547
Jack Nisbet30:128
Denise Nisbet46:379Joint 9th
Michael Harper46:379Joint 9th
Karen Patterson46:379Joint 9th QT
David Myers40:5112
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Summer Time Trial July 2015

Attendance no doubt affected by the weather, record high temperatures, those who ran certainly showed the effects. Never the less Andy Allen finish first followed by Johnathon Horan. David Myers and Tunde Adekoya did very well finishing third and fourth respectively. Two runners went off course, and  two failed to complete.

NameTime Position
Andy Allen29:461
Johnathon Horan27:452
David Myers43:033
Tunde Adekoya40:054
Mark CollinsNFNon Finish
Lena YadaveWOCWent Off Course
Annnette SissonsNFNon Finish
Alan TillyWOCWent Off Course
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Summer Time Trial June 2015

Another good turn out, new member Sally Smith finished in spectacular style with Rachael Farrance hot on her heels, overall a very closely contested event. Well done everyone.


Sally Smith38:131QT
Rachael Farrance37:382
Tunde Adekoya37:143
Annette Sissons38:034
Fran Smith36:395
Agnes Mealin42:246
Peter Furness29:567
Johnathon Horan26:228
David Myers41:109
Keith Morris37:1010
Alan Tilly27:5511
Jack Nisbet28:4712
Andy Allen27:5813
Michael Harper43:5514
Denise Nisbet45:0715
John Shaw43:0516
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Summer Time Trial May 2015

Amazing turnout for the first of the 2015 Summer Time Trials despite a day of bad weather. Thankfully I was blessed with  the help of Jacqui Howell and Bill Hart at the finish line. The start was a bit of Miss Mash , as new runners, who lacked knowledge of the course, had to be paired with runners who had run the course previously, however, it enabled new standards and qualifying times to be set.

Fran Smith38:391
Racchael Farrance43:252
Johnathon Horan27:503
Andy Allen28:094
Jack Nisbet29:004
Nathan Sutton30:286
Clair Hilton40:027
Peter Furness31:258
Michael Harper45:009
Gary Nisbet28:2110
Denise Nisbet46:0711
Annette Sissons44:0612
Mark Collins44:2513
Calton Senior38:3014
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