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Free Beginners Sessions starting 7th September

Our next free eight week series of Jog It Off Beginners sessions will start in Stockley Park on Saturday 7/9/19 and continues there at 9:30am each Saturday until 19/10/19. We will then attend a parkrun on 26/10/19.

If you want to get fitter come and join us. We are sponsored by Hillingdon Council and the course is lead by UK Athletics Leaders in Running Fitness. We meet in the car park just off Colham Roundabout, Stockley Road, UB8 3LL. All levels welcome, come along ready to run. We’re a friendly group, we start very gently with walking and some jogging.

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Beginners Sessions 2015

Our first session went well despite the rain, well done to the seven people that came along. Anyone who missed the first session is welcome to come along and join us at any time during the course.

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Another Successful Beginners Session Finished

Following another well attended & successful Beginners Course, the Beginners completed the Black Park Run 5k. Thank you to everyone who attended and well done. Thank you also to the club members for running the course and to Anne who was unable to run but came along to support.

The next course starts on 3/1/2015 at 9:15 am, Stockely Park. (We meet in the car park at Colham Roundabout UB8 3LL). All welcome.


Piece by Mark Collins who attended the Beginners Session

Back in June of this year I had no desire to run, not even for a bus. As a keen photographer I thought it would be a good idea to go and watch the Color Run at Wembley Park. It was indeed a good idea, as I got some really good photos there...

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Beginners completed Black Park 5k 28/6/14

Congratulations to everyone who attended our last course of Beginners Sessions & went onto complete the Black Park run. You all did brilliantly! Eunice, Anna, Angela, Sarah, Yemi, Fola and Bonnie. Thank you to club members who ran the course, Annette, Jack, Jacqui, John, Peter, Tunde & Mike





Our next course starts 6/9/14, everybody welcome

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Beginners Session 3/5/14

We had a great turnout this morning at our first session. There were about 20 people most of whom have never run before and they all did really well. Thank you to everyone who came, hope you all enjoyed it & will come next week. If you were thinking of coming along this week and missed it, come and join us next week.

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Beginners Sessions Start 3/5/14

Our next 8 week series of Beginners Sessions start in Stockley Park on Saturday 3rd May

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2014. New and returning attendees welcome.

If you are interested in running or just want to get fitter, come and join our Beginners Sessions on Saturday mornings, at 9:20am, in Stockley Park. We meet at the car park just off Colham Roundabout, UB8 3LL. All levels welcome,

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Black Park 5K 22/2/2014

A great turnout for HHRR with regular paticipants, new members and beginners!

Jack Nisbet 20:16

Will Garton 21:42 1st Timer

Fran Smith 26:41

Clare Maceira 28:59

Andy Smith 29:20

Ian Nisbet 20:42 1st Timer

Rachel Farrance 31:57 1st Timer

Annette Sissons 32:59

Michelle Cousins 32:59

Denise Nisbet 33:28

Details of the next Beginners Sessions will be posted soon.

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Leonette completes Black Park 5K

Leonette joined our Saturday morning beginners sessions on the 2/3/13. After only four weeks she completed the Black Park run on Saturday 30/3 in 38:12 – brilliant!

If you are interested in joining our beginners sessions, they are on Saturday mornings at Stockley Park (we meet in the car park at Colham Roundabout, UB8 3LL) at 9:20 am. The sessions are for all levels, starting from complete beginners. Hopefully the weather will be improving, so come & join us.



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