Beginners Sessions

Our first session in 2017 went well despite the rain, well done to the seven people that came along. Anyone who missed the first session is welcome to come along and join us at any time during the course.

The next 8 week series of beginners sessions will start in Stockley Park on September 2nd 2017 and continues there from 9.30am each Saturday until 28th October when we hold a series end parkrun starting 9am in Black Park. which new and returning attendees are welcome.

If you are interested in running or just want to get fitter, come and join our Beginners Sessions on Saturday mornings, at 9:20am, in Stockley Park.  We meet at the car park just off Colham Roundabout, UB8 3LL. All levels welcome,  just come along in your running gear.  We start at your own pace, from walking with some running, to running the whole session.  We are all very friendly and would like to meet you.

Generally the target is to be able to complete a 5km Parkrun by the end of the 8 weeks but beginners are welcome to return for further series irrespective of whether they feel up to managing the 5k parkrun. Usually we go to the Black Park parkrun at or around the 8th week. Beginners who can or become able to manage a slow 30 minute continuous jog are also welcome to come along to try our Wednesday night club runs from the social club in Hayes.

Leonette completes Black Park 5K

Leonette joined our Saturday morning beginners sessions on the 2/3/13. After only four weeks she completed the Black Park run on Saturday 30/3, in 38:12 – brilliant!

Autumn 2014

Following another well attended & successful Beginners Course, the Beginners completed the Black Park Run 5k. Thank you to everyone who attended and well done. Thank you also to the club members for running the course and to Anne who was unable to run but came along to support.



28 comments to Beginners Sessions

  • Nikki upil  says:

    i’m interested in running and i just started last week and i was advised by one of my friends that you run a begginers session on Saturday mornings. Is this for all levels as i believe i am level 0…… 🙂

    do you have any details?


  • Natalie Stimson  says:

    Hi there,
    I am interested in trying out a running club. I have run a few half marathons, 10ks and 5ks in my time but I am really really slow and so I am looking to improve my time. I would be unable to meet on a Wednesday but all other days would be fine. When is the next beginners introduction session?


    • johnshaw  says:

      Beginners sessions are hapening 9.30 each saturday at Stocklley Park. See a post below the picture on the website for up to date information. All paces welcome.


  • Parm  says:


    I’m interested in running and thinking of coming tomorrow morning at Stockley. I wanted to know do I need to fill something out etc or do I just turn up. I have always ran on the treadmill however am really bored of this and want to start to run outside. Please can you let me know, sorry it’s last min but I have just come across the website.

    Many Thnaks

    • Paul Simpson  says:

      Hi Parm, nothing to fill out in advance. Just turn up in the morning. You fill out a quick form before we run and that’s it! Hope to see you soon

      • Andrea  says:

        Hi there just wondering if I could join now although the beginners session started back in Jan. I have absolutely no ability to run but I am determined to learn and get to a level of fitness where I can do a 5km run.

        Please let me know.

  • Fatima  says:


    I’m interested in joining the beginners club. Do I just show up next Saturday at Stockley park? Also is there a contact number in case I get lost? X_X

    • Paul Simpson  says:

      Hi, Sorry for the late reply! Its really easy. All you have to do is just turn up on a Saturday morning in the car park at Stockley. Waiting there you will find a couple of running club members and beginners. Everyone meets up at 9.30am, and does a brief warm up. Wear something comfortable to run/walk/jog in and don’t forget some water. Look forward to seeing you there!

  • Diana  says:

    heya, I’d like to join the club, as I LOOOOVEEE running, however need more motivation to get off the sofa at times. Are all ages welcome? Since I am 15 right now

    • admin  says:

      Hi Diana, we’ve dropped you an email with a bit more info!

  • Stephanie  says:


    Are the beginners sessions still taking place?


    • admin  says:

      Hi Stephanie, the new sessions start on the 3rd May, we hope to see you there! 🙂

  • Eddie  says:


    When are the next set of beginners sessions starting, please?


    • admin  says:

      Hi Eddie, the new sessions start on the 3rd May, hopefully we’ll see you there!

  • Mary Woods  says:

    Hiya are the beginner sessions still going? I am very new to jog/run and would really like to try this out, is there any cost and can any age group come along i am 58. thank you

    • admin  says:

      Hi Mary, they are indeed, and any age group can come along, we’re happy for everyone to come along, we even have a couple of pensioners in our group! We just ask for £1 after the first week to try it out, just to cover our time and costs, but other than that we have some great coaches who I’m sure are likely to motivate you!

  • Bonnie  says:

    I’m thinking of joining your beginners group this saturday morning (at 9.30am?).
    I am an abolute beginner with no experience and terrible fitness level. Anyway, more to the point, I really wanted to know how long these beginners sessions are?
    I’m quite looking forward to this as “I wanna be a runner!” 🙂
    Bonnie x

    • admin  says:

      Hi Bonnie,

      Hopefully you should have got an email too, that sounds great, we can get you to be “a runner” 😉 The sessions generally last about 30-45 minutes, with warm-ups, running and warm-down but can last a bit longer too, shouldn’t take too much out of your day 🙂 Hopefully see you Saturday!

  • Rhia  says:


    I was wondering when the next beginners session was starting, i am an absolute beginner and want to take up running, Please let me know so i can join the course. Thank you Rhia XX

  • Lisa  says:

    Hi there

    I already do the parkrun on Saturdays but wondered if you do any beginner running/jogging groups during the week?

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  • Sarah  says:

    please can you tell me when the next beginner sessions are starting – I am really keen to get back into running. Thanks

  • sindy  says:

    Hi I am interested in the beginners club, am I able to start this saturday? the 4th October 2014.

  • Karen  says:

    Looking forward to tagging along at the next beginners session! I’m definitely a beginner but looking forward to starting out. See you on the 3rd!

  • Kat Higson  says:

    I’m very much a beginner and I’d like to join, but I missed the 3rd January start…can I just come along to any Saturday? Also how much is it? Is there someone’s number who I can contact about it?
    Kat 🙂

  • Tony  says:


    I would like to join your jogging club. When is the earliest I can join ?.

    Thanks in advance


  • Tanz  says:

    I am very much a beginner and will like to join. Can I know if you have any beginners session starting soon. Is there a number I could call ?


  • Deej  says:

    When is the next beginners sessions going to take place? I know I have just missed the April 2017 one .

    Many thanks

  • Deej  says:


    When is the next beginners session going to start?

    thank you


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