Aidan Michael Andrews from inside the a routine profile for the LoveWithoutTragedy’s partner fictional, Glee: Enable it to be Otherwise Break It

Aidan Michael Andrews from inside the a routine profile for the LoveWithoutTragedy’s partner fictional, Glee: Enable it to be Otherwise Break It

Aidan was a routine Southern area charmer and all-American sportsman exactly who moves so you’re able to Lima, Ohio with a secret that will make-or-break him. The guy helps make his first physical appearance in the 1st event, The new Hellraisers.

He was created by wiki user JamesonOTP and you can is at first depicted by Justin Prentice, best known to possess their part of Brad to the Nickelodeon’s iCarly along with his latest starring part of money Gallagher on ABC’s Malibu Nation. Dylan Everett, mainly recognized for his part when you look at the Degrassi, have replaced him.

Backstory [ ]

Aidan decided to go to a little high-school in Alabama named Albert P. Maker High-school, however, shortly after they got out that he is gay, he had been bullied relentlesslly. Scared of being released so you can their mommy (once the their father was a keen alcholic whom left Aidan’s mother when she is expecting features scarcely already been seen just like the) and his a couple of old sisters, Aidan don’t give someone that was going on. Rather, the guy made a decision to react one day and you may had put in ISS just after one such strive. That it brought about a “war” between their tormentor and you may Aidan. Aidan felt like the guy wasn’t planning to endure brand new punishment any longer and you will arrive at remain true to own themselves, but when his tormentor turned into the latest dining tables to your Aidan and you will implicated him away from bullying him, it had been the last straw on prominent (just who hated Aidan) in which he had kicked of one to university. Relocating to the only set where she know commit, his mother packed-up Aidan with his earlier sisters and you will went in order to Lima, Ohio, where she got family relations (their mommy, sis, and two siblings). Now it’s a unique start having Aidan, who’s determined to start this year out of best. and therefore setting residing in the case, it doesn’t matter how hard he’s got to test or exactly what he needs to create. The guy does not want to appear. it is crappy enough as the “bad boy,” “the new rebel,” “the kid,” “this new Southerner with a funny accent,” however, as Gay at the top of they,  that is instant societal committing suicide, proper? Also Aidan enjoys struggled having reducing and the entire body issues in earlier times. He’s got never made themselves puke or one thing, but he only cannot instance just what he notices regarding reflect that will be eager to switch it, usually tossing himself for the much time, severe training sessions. Aidan likewise has an avid fascination with vocal, dancing, and you can tunes movie theater, however, the guy does not want to let his like name him an enthusiastic “arts man,” otherwise worse. gay.

Seasons You to [ ]

Aidan makes 1st looks throughout the Hellraisers, auditioning having Holly’s Delight Bar for the Bruno Mars song Locked Regarding Paradise. Visitors appears to for instance the track, particularly Viper, just who appears “curious.” Aidan are recognized on the The new Information. Later, Aidan can be seen having The Instructions regarding the auditorium, singing in Usually do not Avoid Believin’.

Within the Numb, Aidan are first seen with the most other of your totally new four people, practing choreography from the choir room, somewhat improperly in reality. He could be later on observed in new choir room when Samantha, Kaleesha, and you may Kendall audition with Stick out Ya Light, that Hailey whispers to help you Aidan you to definitely she doesn’t believe in them. Aidan believes, claiming he does not believe in them sometimes. Following the efficiency, the guy and you will Hailey display doubting, alarmed looks. Whenever Gretchen, the annoyed Goth lady auditions for brand Cedar Rapids escort reviews new Instructions, Aidan says one she’s “upright activities.” Aidan looks really surprised one to Jason Duffy is, in reality, a female. Aidan try history viewed whenever Viper sings I don’t Worry, lookin befuddled following the overall performance.

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