Summer Time Trial August 24th 2016

Despite thunder, lighting, torrential rain, a good turnout braved the elements. A big thank you to Mike Harper and Karen Patterson for doing the timekeeping. Tunde Adekoya  proved he his back on form finishing in first place. Gary Nisbet and Johnathon Horan finished second and third.

Tunde Adekoya38:56140
Gary Nisbet27:42239
Johnathan Horan25:59338
Keith Morris39:30437
Alan Tilly29:27536
Jo Moriarty43:11635
Jack Nisbet31:06734
Paul Evans46:05833
Fran Smith38:45932
Andy Allen28:331031
Denise Nisbet47:491130
Andy Smith43:281229
Annette Sissons43:251328

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