Winter Time Trials March 2014

Ops! Sorry for the late posting of these results, if I don’t do it straight away I tend to forget. The final event boasted a very good turn out with tree new runners who gave some impressive qualifying times. Ian Nesbet coninues to impress with another PB followed closely by Will Garton another recent new member.


Winter Time Trial March 2014

N ame                      Time           Position

Nisbet Ian             27:37                  1

Will Garton            20:19                  2

David Myers         24: 1                  3

Nisbet Denise       30:14               4

Nisbet Jack           19:48                5

Smith Andy          27:14                 6

Hart Bill                 31:08                7

Nisbet Gary          17:39                8

Fran Smith           25:25                  9

Stuart Williams  22:20                10

Michael Harper  33:06                11

Clair Maceiras      26:29               QT1

Michelle Cousins  30:08               QT3

Ace                          23:19                 QT4

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