Winter Time Trial February 2014

A good performance by David Myres secures a first place finish, Bill Hart recovers his former pace to finish second place,rookie Ian Nisbet is showing good form finishing third place. Look at Gary Nisbet’s time, his highly successful first place finishes in the Black Park 5K series is certainly paying dividends. Welcome to Will Garton on his debut run setting a respectable qualifying time.


Name Time Position
David Myers 25:13 1
Hart Bill 31:22 2
Nisbet Ian 30:25 3
Nisbet Gary 17:08 4
Morris Keith 26:34 5
Smith Andy 27:32 6
Furness Peter 21:24 7
Katherine Rogan 32:31 8
Nisbet Denise 31:46 9
Nisbet Jack 20:18 10
Will Garton 22:10 11 QT

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