Summer Time Trial 27th August 2014

Final Time Trial for 2014, some indecision, drama and good competion. Sylvia lacked belief in her ability, finished in first position, but started well out of position only to knock off 8mins her previous best time. Fran Smith, somehow started ahead of her standard to finish second, never the less still acheived a PB. Laura Williams also excelled to achieve a PB. However, the greatest battle was between the elite runners finishing 5 to 7 positions , Gary Nisbet not having his best run.

Laura Williams29:593
Bill Hart44:534
Jack Nisbet29:005
Peter Furness30:246
Will Garton28:547
Andy Allen27:167
Denise Nisbet46:318
Gary Nibet27:32
Keith Morris37:5510
David Myers40:2211Went off course
Jacqui Howell54:1012
Claire MaceirasWent off course
Andy SmithWent off course

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