Club Championship

Rules :-

1) Anyone can enter as long as they are a fully paid up member of HHRR

2) Every runner must submit a previous year’s best time for each distance

  • 10K ·         10 Miles ·         Half Marathon

Arrangements will be made if no previous year’s times are available. Note:


3) Each member may run as many or as few races as he/she wants to, with the best 4 results counting towards the final position.

5) All competitors must take part in races of at least 2 distances.

6) The scoring will be:

  • 1000 points for equalling last year’s PB in the respective distance
  • 1 point is deducted for every second slower than last year’s PB
  • 1 point is added for every second faster than last year’s PB

The last Black Park 5Ks of each month will also be included in this years Club Championships.

Please give your last years PB’s for all 3 distances to Jack or Paul. If you do not provide a time, you will be allocated a time which may not be correct and may hinder your chances of winning the championship.

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