Winter Time Trial January 7th 2015

A great thanks to Jack Nisbet for taking the role of timekeeper. One of our largest turnout showed some suprising statisics. Bill Hart gave his best for quite some time to finish first, followed closely by David Myers who found his former fitness. Keith Morris shaved some off his previous times to finish third. Virtually everyone finished within their expected time.


Bill Hart32:081
David Myers29:072
Keith Morris25:523
Peter Furness21:425
Annette Sissons26:376
Sarah Nicholas26:447
Gary Nisbet17:508
Ian Nisbet32:319
Denise Nisbet31:5510
Alan Tilly19:0611
Mark Collins32:4512
Michael Harper30:0713
Jacqui Howell33:5314
Andy Allen20:5815
John Shaw25:5216
Andy Smith27:4317

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