Winter Time Trial December 2015

An excellant turn out for the final Time Trial for 2015, quite a few PB’s and an almost mass finish, thankfully, Jack Nisbet was to hand to assist with the timekeeping. Well done everyone.

Denise Nisbet 29:351
Jo Maoriaty30:262Adjusted
Keith Morris26:143
Annette Sissons27:504
Claire Hilton25:275
Nothan Sutton21:266
Marcos David21:557
Andy Smith28:378Late Start
Johnathon Horan17:119
Michael Harper32:3010
Andy Allen18:3411
Karen Patterson29:0512
Alan Tilly20:2313
Angelina Viagen22:4014
Tunde Adekoya25:0515
Mark Collins31:5616
David Myers29:2917Late Start
Bill Hart34:5118
Anna Kilbrige36:5019

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