Summer Time Trial May 2015

Amazing turnout for the first of the 2015 Summer Time Trials despite a day of bad weather. Thankfully I was blessed with  the help of Jacqui Howell and Bill Hart at the finish line. The start was a bit of Miss Mash , as new runners, who lacked knowledge of the course, had to be paired with runners who had run the course previously, however, it enabled new standards and qualifying times to be set.

Fran Smith38:391
Racchael Farrance43:252
Johnathon Horan27:503
Andy Allen28:094
Jack Nisbet29:004
Nathan Sutton30:286
Clair Hilton40:027
Peter Furness31:258
Michael Harper45:009
Gary Nisbet28:2110
Denise Nisbet46:0711
Annette Sissons44:0612
Mark Collins44:2513
Calton Senior38:3014
John Shaw38:3115

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